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What is a Soundbath??

A Soundbath is an acousitc meditative experience. A variety of ancient healing instruments provide waves of vibration to promote relaxation and self-healing. Through these sound frequencies, our physical, emptional, and mental states of wellbeing are affected. Soundbaths create a space in which the body and mind can release negative feelings and emotions. 

The vibrations from the gongs permeate the body, positively impacting the nervous system and clearing the subconcious mind. The crystal bowls send waves of sound through our energy centers, creating balance and harmony throughout our being. Numerous other instruments are utilized as well, to geneate an immersive experience that will eave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and more aware.

Come experience the immense power of sound and recieve the amazing benefits that arise from bathing in the healing resonance of the waves.

Wednesday, February 13        6pm - 7:30pm