The Community Center of La Cañada Flintridge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1949. Originally known as the La Cañada Youth House and built entirely by volunteers, today’s Community Center is home to the LCFCC Preschool, a first-class ceramics program, and offers a variety of programs for children, teens, adults and seniors.  The Community Center is funded through tuition, grants, donations, programs and events. We invite you to participate in our programs year round.  
Since the beginning, sports programs have been a highlight and favorite among community residents.  Encouraging parents and teenagers to volunteer and give back to children is what the Center’s sports programs are about.  The sports programs have always included teaching preschoolers about the basics of sports to basketball, tennis, karate, and skateboarding and our t-ball program.  In 2012, the t-ball program at the Center was entirely run by volunteers.   The t-ball program best exemplifies how the Center works: more than twenty teen and parent volunteers, and several coaches participate twice a week over an eight week period to teach youngsters teamwork, sportsmanship and skill building. 
 Clubs and local organizations meet the Community Center on a regular basis.  Meetings are held, leadership skills developed, Eagle Scout projects fulfilled.  Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops meet at the Center.  The newly renovated Board Room is available for organizations and local clubs.
The Community Center expanded its reach to seniors by dedicating a two-room classroom for senior programs.  In 2010, a volunteer created the “Lust for Life Senior Expo,” a free community event connecting more than 30 local organizations promoting an increased quality of life to seniors living in the foothill communities.  
The La Cañada Flintridge Community Center Preschool is under the leadership of education veteran Danielle Caputo.  The teaching staff is joined by an active volunteer Parent Board to enhance the success of the Preschool.  All parents volunteer throughout the school year.  The Preschool’s fundraising efforts result in site improvements of which many are completed by parent volunteers.  The Community Center partners with the Preschool to offer popular after school classes that range from cooking, fairytale reading, ceramics, dance to sports.
The Community Center of La Cañada Flintridge is a cornerstone of the Foothill communities. We are a place for all to meet, grow, learn and thrive.